About Us

Fox Cools is a general store that specializes in Newborn Accessories, Toys and Games, Trendy oversized Jackets, Hoodies and Denims and Seasonal products like Fall/Winter accessories. At Fox Cools we offer the most trendy and mixture of a variety of gadgets that you will not find in other stores. Every occasion and season is taken care of and making that choice isn't difficult. Choosing the right toy for your child is an emotional process. We bring to you a collection of not only fun and friendly toys but also educative ones. If you are a new mother/dad relax..because at Fox Cools we have the most trendy and Best selling products for you and your baby.

New Born Collection

Everything a new or current Mum or Dad needs here! Our collection offers products to help Mum's and Dad's everywhere, whether it's a changing bag, a baby carrier or how about some relaxing natural skincare products for you to indulge in! Choose from stylish and on-trend prints, designs and styles whilst being practical for everyday use out and about or at home.

View our extensive collection of high quality, organic baby and toddler products to browse, search and fall in love with! Baby and toddler products include quality organic clothing, reusable nappies, natural skincare, super soft muslins, natural wooden toys and gorgeous comforters.

Fox Cools has become a one-stop shop for everything that your baby could possibly need, as well as any older children too. Collaborating with amazing artists to bring you one of a kind pieces that your child will absolutely love.


Toys & Games Collection

Here at Fox Cools, we believe that play is of the utmost importance. We believe in bringing families, friends and communities together through the power of play by encouraging people of all ages to use their imagination.

We exist to spread laughter and promote fun, two things that are often lost as we grow older. With every visit to our store, we promise to bring out the child in you because we believe that the happiest people are the ones who grow old but don't grow up.

We choose toys that are designed to help children and adults cultivate their imagination, creativity and team spirit.

It is well known in childhood research that the best learning comes from playtime. We want to offer our customers opportunities to not only enjoy playtime but to develop and advance skills and traits that will be helpful through out life.

We also choose toys and games that will allow children and adults with special needs to channel their energy and curiosity as well as develop their personalities to their best of their abilities.


Oversized Jackets/Hoodies/Denims

At Fox Cools we offer trendy, stylish, high quality fashion that doesn't break your wallet. We believe that the empowered woman can be all things she wants - strong, fierce, soft, and feminine, and embraces her inner beauty! We offer only in-house designs or carefully selected fashion items from cutting edge labels that are sophisticated and elegant while at the same time vibrant and playful. We call this "Sophisticated Fun"!